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Why Lumineers?

Lumineers are designed to provide a gorgeous result with simplicity and comfort in mind.

Your smile and comfort is our priority. We are committed to offering the latest advances in dental techniques and technology to our patients. Our team is dedicated to ensuring a professional dental experience that addresses your individual needs. With over 30 years of experience, we understand and provide gentle care that fits into your busy schedule.

Lumineers are the #1 patient-requested veneer! They are digitally designed to be about as thin as a contact lens and be applied seamlessly over your existing smile.

Lumineers solve a variety of dental problems:

  • Permanently brighten stained or discolored teeth
  • Restore chipped teeth
  • Eliminate spacing and gaps
  • Align crooked teeth
  • Reshape small or misshapen teeth
  • Refresh old dental work
  • Perfect your Hollywood smile
What are the benefits of choosing Lumineers?
  • Attach seamlessly to your existing teeth
  • Incredibly strong, but remarkably thin
  • Two quick and easy office visits
  • Typically no pain, no drilling and no shots
  • Nearly 30 years of clinically proven results*
*Data on file

Not All Veneers Are Made the Same. You Deserve the Best, So Accept No Imitations.

Traditional veneers require preparation, anesthetic shots and the placement of temporaries that delay the procedure. Due to the thickness of a traditional veneer, the removal process is more aggressive and can irreversibly damage the healthy tooth structure.

Lumineers are minimally invasive and tend to eliminate the need for anesthetic shots and temporaries, allowing you to look and feel great! Many dentists can offer traditional veneers, however few can offer their patients the Lumineers difference. Dr. Huffman is a Lumineers certified dentist, meaning she is able to provide you the latest in veneer technology and benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are Lumineers different from traditional veneers?

Lumineers are unique, ultra-thin, and highly translucent, which allows them to replicate the natural appearance of enamel. Traditional veneers are much thicker, requiring your original tooth structure to be ground down. Lumineers are so thin (approximately 0.2mm), that little to no tooth reduction is necessary. Additionally, the durability of Lumineers allows them to resist wear and remain resilient to last more than 20 years.

Are there any other Lumineers?

No. Lumineers are exclusive, one-of-a-kind products of the DenMat Lab at DenMat, one of the nation’s largest manufacturers of professional dental materials.

I think I need braces, but I really don't want to go through the inconvenient, unsightly, and time-intensive process. Can I get Lumineers instead?

In most cases, yes! We will be able to evaluate your teeth and devide whether orthodontics is necessary. If you do not have a severe problem, Lumineers will reshape your teeth, making them look straighter and more uniform, as well as whiter, something you don’t get with braces.

How long will Lumineers last?

Clinical testing has proven that a Lumineers smile lasts and looks great for more than 20 years.

What is involved with a Lumineers procedure?

On the first visit, we will take an impression of your teeth. Then your dentist will work with you to select the shade of white that’s right for you. After your first visit, we will send the impression off to the dental lab for your custom Lumineers to be created. Once you're Lumineers arrive at our office, they are checked for fit and shade. During your second visit, your Lumineers are painlessly applied without shots or drilling of sensitive tooth structure.

Is the procedure painful?

The procedure is completely pain-free. Because they are ultra-thin, in most cases, a perfect fit can be achieved without shots or grinding down of the original tooth structure. Once the procedure is completed, there is no post-placement discomfort or sensitivity. Your Lumineers will look natural and feel comfortable from the moment they are placed.

How long does the procedure take?

The Lumineers process takes, on average, only two visits.

Can I still chew gum and eat my favorite sticky foods?

Yes! Feel free to eat and drink what you like. However, Lumineers don't replace good hygiene, so you should continue to visit your dentist every 6 months for a check-up and cleaning to keep your Lumineers looking their best and the rest of your teeth and gums healthy.

Can Lumineers be taken off if I want them removed?

In most cases, your natural teeth are still intact and strong.

How long have Lumineers been existed?

Lumineers have been restoring smiles for more than 30 years.


Annie's Story

Matt's Story

Lumineers Patient Testimonial Statements:

"I love them! I have had veneers twenty five years ago and they were just too bulky, these are very thin, which is very important. I finally decided to give Lumineers a try. They fit perfectly and my daughter was ecstatic and also wants them. I couldn't be happier." - Diane M.

"When I left the orthodontist after I got my braces off, I left disappointed. Today, I'm leaving with the biggest smile I've ever had!" - Joe C.

"I always wanted to have a beautiful Hollywood smile! As I have gotten older, my teeth have yellowed and worn. I was not willing to let my dentist touch my teeth of it required any reduction or pain. When I discovered Lumineers, I had to have them. Now, I look 20 years younger and have the beautiful white Hollywood smile I have always wanted." - Sandy D.

"I can't stop smiling. It is really exciting to be able to change the way that you look so drastically and so quickly." - Karin H.

"I had gaps between my teeth and Lumineers were quicker and easier than having braces at my age. The procedure was 100% pain-free and I would do it again without hesitation. I have confidence now and cannot stop smiling because of Lumineers!" - Morgan H.

"The large gap in the front of my smile made me look like a little girl. I wanted a seamless, straight smile, but when I saw horror pictures of patients' teeth ground down to pegs, I did not understand why anyone would want traditional veneers. I could not believe what a dramatic difference Lumineers did for my smile–within one hour, the large space was closed and my teeth were all a proportionate size. The best part was that I experienced no pain. I am amazed at the difference in the way I carry myself–I look more mature and feel better than ever!" - Krystal J.

LumiSmile* – Picture your PERFECT Smile!

Preview your Lumineers smile through advanced digital imaging.


LumiSmile gives you the unique opportunity of seeing gaps, stains or crooked teeth transformed into a full, white, straight smile. It also allows you to see a preview of your enhanced smile with whitening.

It's Easy:
1. Your doctor takes a digital photograph of your current smile
2. A professional LumiSmile artist creates a digital image of Lumineers applied to your teeth
3. Before you leave the office on your first visit, you will receive a personalized portfolio of your perfect Lumineers smile to share with friends and family

*Actual results may vary. This is not a guarantee of actual veneer or whitening results.

Meet Dr. Jennifer Huffman

Harrisonburg VA Lumineers Certified Dentist

Harrisonburg VA Lumineers Dentist

A native of Richmond, Virginia, Dr. Jennifer Huffman has been practicing dentistry since 1996. She graduated magna cum laude from the Medical College of Virginia in 1996, and she had an Oral Surgery Fellowship at the University of Louisville. A member of the Academy of General Dentistry and the American Associations of Women Dentists, Dr. Jennifer Huffman is CPR certified. She took over Dr. Roger Troyer’s practice when he retired.

You will find Dr. Jen, as she is more affectionately known, to be warm and caring as she practices cosmetic dentistry and preventative dentistry in a gentle yet thorough manner, and endeavors to see each patient leave her care with a smile on his or her face. She particularly enjoys attending to the needs of her pediatric patients.

She enjoys spending time with her family especially her children. As the mother of seven children (two boys and five girls), Dr. Jen finds herself very busy on a daily basis. When she does get time for herself, Dr. Jen enjoys hunting and fishing; or you may find her horseback riding, traveling, or just reading her latest favorite book.

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